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Is Spinning Making You Fat? 

That is the question in the latest article in a well known woman's fashion magazine. Well, is it? I am a spin instructor and ab-solutely not! Get it...ab??? Okay, moving on, I teach 4 classes a week; 2 spin, a weight training, and an aqua. The spin class by far torches the most calories. On average a woman my height and weight (5'4" and 125 lb.) burns 560 calories per hour. How can you gain weight with that amount of calories being used?

The article goes on to say that your appetite increases. Uh well yeah. You are increasing your metabolism therefore getting hungrier. It's not your spinning that is causing the weight gain it is excess calories. You could be doing Zumba and chow down on too many calories making you gain weight.

Further reading tells us that it builds glute and quad muscles. Well, one of the women quoted taught 10 classes a week. TEN!!!! Who on this Earth needs to teach that many classes. That is 2 or more classes on certain days. Spinning takes a lot out of you, that is counter productive to be putting your body through that strenuous of cardio. As mentioned before at 560 calories per hour I'd be burning 5600 calories per week. Seriously!!!!!

Let's recap, spinning does not make you fat, excess calories do. Does spinning make you hungrier? Sure. But does that mean fall face first into high calorie meals because you 'deserve it'. Spinning makes your glutes and quads larger. Yes it might, but it's building muscle and possibly there is a layer of fat overlaying said muscle that needs to be shed. In spinning class the building of muscle takes place while you climb. Toning comes in during high cadence songs and while sprinting and/or cycling at a low gear high RPM.

On a side note, take a look at that bike. It happens to be Chanel. Check her out, she's also turned backwards on the bike. Maybe if she got on the bike the correct way there would be less problems. Until next time...Live Healthy


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