Saturday, August 31, 2013


A few years back hubby and I were really going through a rough time. I hate to be a complainer but we had bought a house that was a fixer upper and boy did that just about do us in. The renovation and remodel weren't the problem. Below is said house.

We had so many other things going on at the time that we just no longer appreciated life. So, you ask, 'what does this have to do with Personal Training?' Let me tell you. As a trainer people think I always eat well, I always feel good, and I always have my game face on. NOT the case. A few years back I had hurt my back pretty bad, while I was recovering I wrote a short story to a few publications and well, here it is. It was published on Blue Shields home page.
Make a life plan
Most of the clan, missing two
Most of the clan, missing two
My husband and I have always been fit; we work out and try to eat healthy most of the time. As the years have gone by, and I'll tell you they have gone by fast, we have become busier and more stressed. We moved into a larger home, he changed jobs, we have 4 mouths to feed, and we were living for everyone else but ourselves and our kids. At the beginning of this year I was teaching my aerobics class, at the end of the class I could hardly stand and walking was out of the question, my husband carried me to the car. He took me to the doctors where I found out I had 3 herniated discs the worse being 4 centimeters. This was not good for the mother of a newborn. So, at this time while recovering I was scouring the internet for advice, information, anything that would help. I happened upon Blue Shield’s site and remembered their wellness program. I found lots of helpful easy to navigate information. But, back to my a healthy life and having something happen to my body I wasn't in control of really depressed me. I had to figure out why my body was fighting me. What was I doing that was further damaging my way of life? I realized I wasn't living as healthy as I thought. My husband and I were always stressed, he was gaining weight, and we were taking the kids out to eat more often. I had to make a change for my kids, it still frightens me thinking about the life plan my husband and I came up with. We put our house on the market, he's been applying for other jobs in his field, and we have created a simplified way of eating at home. I craft a grocery/food list that I make each Sunday. I figure out what we are eating on each day of the week for the entire week. The easier to make meals are on the days we have sports and less time, the weekends are for more elaborate meals. NO MATTER WHAT we always eat together as a family even if it is 8:00pm. I then make a grocery list of everything I need for the meals plus snacks. We head to the grocery store one time a week and maybe make one more run for fruit and veggies (we also have a garden, tons of fun). Just putting our plan in action has helped enormously. In the evening we have more time to ride bikes, play catch/Frisbee, or kick the soccer ball around. The kids are still in bed no later than 9:00pm and order has been restored. Was it easy? No. Is it any easier now? No. Do I feel better and look better? Oh Yeah! Are my kids healthier? Yes…My back is slowly healing but my sanity has completely been restored. I eat better when I’m not stressed and I handle issues with the kids better. My husband isn’t grumpy and tired all the time, which in itself is AWESOME!!! Come up with a life plan. You are in charge of your life. Set your course of action; don’t let it be pre-set for you. Stand up and make a change! You can do it! We did.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


In today's busy lifestyle if a meal takes me more than 30 minutes to put together it usually doesn't happen. One of my favorite go to sites for recipes is

I almost always can find a recipe that fits my calorie and nutrient requirements. One being, no more than 30% fat in the recipe. The other requirement, little to no added fats such as butters, creams, and/or mayonnaise. It takes some practice to figure out just how much protein, carbs, and fats are in a meal but when you are just starting out make the effort and before you know it, it won't be an effort. (We'll talk macronutrients in another post).

Here's is a full proof Chili recipe that you can add pretty much any veggie to and most forms of protein. Mix the beans up or use different ones. Change the meat to ground beef or mix both turkey and ground beef in it.

Bon App├ętit

Friday, August 23, 2013

All things PT

PT is an abbreviation for Personal Training. It can also be short for Pythagorean theorem and Platinum, but in my case for this blog, Personal Training. Let's start with one of my favorite websites to visit for 'all things PT', 

If I need a training question answered, nutrition advice, or just plain old motivation I head there. Much like Facebook you set-up a profile and start adding friends. The cool thing about these friends are they all have the same interests as healthy. So, a good first place to start would be there if you are interested in Personal Training. Let's say you want to hire a trainer and can't figure out how to go about it.

  1. Check out bodies; fat, thin, skinny, muscular
  2. Set a 'Big' goal of; What, When, and Why. (We'll touch more on this later)
  3. Create smaller manageable goals to achieve your 'big' goal
  4. Hire a trainer to help you get there...Me

Your 'big' goal is to be healthy, that's the What. No more diets, starvation techniques, forays into the gym for a month to never set foot in it again. You are going to embrace a healthier lifestyle so you can enjoy the life you are living RIGHT NOW and for the future. A trainer will help you set a manageable realistic time frame to help you reach that 'big' goal, they will help you with the When. Now, think Why?! Dig deep on this one. Smaller goals are to hire a trainer to baby step you along the way. A trainer will set food and macronutrients goals, create a workout schedule with days and specific exercises and cardio options. Your job is to give the trainer very detailed accounts of what you want and expect out of your time with them. Make sure they know your medical history as well as your lifestyle history. And, show them pictures of what you want your body to achieve.