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PT is an abbreviation for Personal Training. It can also be short for Pythagorean theorem and Platinum, but in my case for this blog, Personal Training. Let's start with one of my favorite websites to visit for 'all things PT', 

If I need a training question answered, nutrition advice, or just plain old motivation I head there. Much like Facebook you set-up a profile and start adding friends. The cool thing about these friends are they all have the same interests as healthy. So, a good first place to start would be there if you are interested in Personal Training. Let's say you want to hire a trainer and can't figure out how to go about it.

  1. Check out bodies; fat, thin, skinny, muscular
  2. Set a 'Big' goal of; What, When, and Why. (We'll touch more on this later)
  3. Create smaller manageable goals to achieve your 'big' goal
  4. Hire a trainer to help you get there...Me

Your 'big' goal is to be healthy, that's the What. No more diets, starvation techniques, forays into the gym for a month to never set foot in it again. You are going to embrace a healthier lifestyle so you can enjoy the life you are living RIGHT NOW and for the future. A trainer will help you set a manageable realistic time frame to help you reach that 'big' goal, they will help you with the When. Now, think Why?! Dig deep on this one. Smaller goals are to hire a trainer to baby step you along the way. A trainer will set food and macronutrients goals, create a workout schedule with days and specific exercises and cardio options. Your job is to give the trainer very detailed accounts of what you want and expect out of your time with them. Make sure they know your medical history as well as your lifestyle history. And, show them pictures of what you want your body to achieve.


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