Thursday, September 10, 2015

Figuring out this blogging stuff

I am NOT good at blogging. I'm a fabulous mother (my kids say so), a dedicated personal trainer, and a very hard worker. But, this blogging is not easy. I have to think of it as a journal to document my lifestyle and goals and insights and web finds, on and on.

For instance, I just read a blurb in Oprah regarding a book, The Amelia Freer Diet. I liked the sound of the book based on the title, Eat. Nourish. Glow. I actually just liked the word, 'nourish'. We all need to nourish ourselves, take care of our bodies. Nourish is a positive word in our otherwise negative self-talk world. So, a few computer clicks, web searches, and wham bam I pre-ordered it. Can't wait.

I digress, this is what I mean, I want to put it all down here and I do ONCE then 6 months go by and I find the urge again to blog-not a great track record. Talk about inconsistent and dis-organized (organization is the key to most of life's ease). Then I figured I needed a catch to make me blog daily. I found it...drum roll please...I have a photo opportunity coming up early December and I want to be body ready. It can be a struggle at times and I want to be accountable to someone, that's you!

Let's put on our big girl panties (let's hope they don't fit at the end of the 12 weeks) and start this party! I'll see you tomorrow.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Practice what I preach

I have been struggling with my lifestyle lately. I am on social media and feel like I put myself out there a certain way and really all I want to do it post a picture or say something that's on my mind and then forget about it. I don't want a million views/likes...I don't get them anyway. But I wait to see what I do get and it's freakin' frustrating and counter productive to what I'm trying to create for myself. I also find myself censoring what I put out there so people don't take it wrong. I'm done!

I hope for the next few weeks I can just start to journal what I'm feeling here and hopefully it'll ease my mind. I have 2 topics tonight, 1) Diet coke-friend or fiend? 2) Commercial made popsicles.

Let's start with Diet Coke. I have been a fan of the cool, bubbly, intoxicating beverage for years and just recently it has become an addiction. Now, I already know I have an addictive personality so when something gets out of hand I have to prove to myself I can cut it cold turkey. I DID! It's been a month to the day. Not a drop has passed my lips. The pros of this? My skin is awesome, I am not ingesting huge amounts of chemicals (did I say my skin was better?), and I'm not spending tons of money on something that I could have for free...water. The cons?! Oh boy, where do I start? I miss it...A LOT. I love cracking the can open in the garage before I've even stepped back into the house and taking that first drink that kinda burns on the way down because I'm impatient to get in as much as possible as fast as possible. What could one little drink hurt? Well, as the title of my post says, Practice what I preach, it's hard to train clients and talk about a healthy lifestyle and be drinking 3 cans of soda a day. So, for now I am off the 'juice'. More later.

Now, popsicles. I fed Nathan (age 4.5) a popsicle that on the box said slow melting...WTF?!?!? Popsicles are suppose to leak down your hand making a sticky sweet mess. Seriously, there was not a drip to be seen. Then I started to think, why? That got me to reading the ingredients on the label and Oh Meee Gosh (as Nate would say) over 10 ingredients.

I started my own search for a simple recipe for popsicles that the kids and I could enjoy. The recipe follows. It's from, my go to foodie site, and I'll let you know the results once my popsicle molds arrive. Until then, eat healthy and I'm throwing some popsicles away (and good money-BTW, a pet peeve of mine, wasting resources).

Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Top Ten to Live Healthy

It's been awhile since my last blog, and not to give an excuse, but I was just burnt out. Too much, too fast was happening and before I knew it I couldn't catch up. So, today's blog is light and FUN!

Here are my TOP ten to Live Healthy. These are not in any order. I don't love number 1 more than number 10, it's just what came to mind as I went along.

10. SQUATS - These are by far and wide the BEST exercise for the lower half of your body. Russia has the right idea. Check out the link below.

30 Squats for a free Subway ride

9. Veggies - All and any. Please eat your veggies in EVERY meal. It's makes your body happy and your Mom happy too.

8. Water - The Mayo clinic recommends 9-13 cups of water a day, or 72-104 ounces of water.

Functions of Water on the Body

7. Sleep - Is an exercise of control. Haha. You need plenty of sleep to make sure that muscles recover from all the hard work you put them through. Your brain also needs that down time to recharge.

6. Intense Cardio - 30 minutes a day…THAT'S IT! Do you hear me, I'm not saying, "hours on a bloody machine", I said, "30 minutes of Intense Cardio." That could be intervals on a ___________ (you fill in the machine you love). That could also mean a short run at an intensity where talking is difficult. Or, an energetic class taught by a rockin' instructor. But, notice I said, "INTENSE"!

 5. Training Heart Rate Zone - This is important when exercising so that you make sure you are working out efficiently. Get the most out of your time exercising as possible. The ideal zone to be training in is the orange areas listed below. You don't want to stay in one area but interval into all three throughout your workout.

4. Green Tea - There are many benefits to green tea my favorite being Catechins, love those antioxidants.

3. Cottage Cheese Pancakes - Just try them! Here's the recipe!

2. Kids - If you haven't noticed, kids are untapped energy. My kids can run circles around me. I always think I have good endurance until I try and keep up with them. If you don't have any of your own, or yours are grown up,  grab someone else's. You'll get a killer workout and make a friend for life (both the kids and the parents).

1. Humor - Life isn't as hard as we make it. Sometimes it sucks and other times it's beautiful. Find something that makes you laugh. (Mine is bloopers of The Big Bang theory.) Laugh till you pee your pants…okay, almost. Find humor in your day, don't be too serious and remember to share it with someone you love.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Healthy Eating!

This recipe has been in my family for many years. My Grandmother made it with ground beef and so did my Mom. I chose to make it with ground turkey because of the health advantages and because my family likes turkey meat a little better.


1 package (20 oz.) Ground turkey
1/2 c Bread Crumbs
1 Egg
1/2 Onion finely chopped

2~15oz cans of Tomato Sauce
Bay Leaf
1 Garlic clove finely chopped

Box of Whole Wheat Angel Hair Pasta

Add the first 5 ingredients together in a bowl. 
Here are the ingredients for the meatballs, all ready to be mixed.

Now, mix the ingredients together until you see a mixture that resembles the picture above. 
Don't over mix, it makes the meatballs tough. 

I've formed the meatballs and put them in a stock pot with just a little bit of olive oil to brown them. The recipe will yield around 8-11 meatballs depending on the size you make them.

In the top picture the meatballs have browned and are ready for the sauce to be added. Don't brown the meatballs too quickly or they will burn. In the lower picture I've added the sauce and the spices. See how the sauce completely covers the meatballs. At this point turn the heat to medium and bring the sauce to an easy simmer.

Once the sauce is simmering, place the lid on the pot; set the timer for 30 minutes and sit back to enjoy the aroma. Check the sauce and meatballs occasionally, giving them a gentle stir. If the sauce is simmering too high turn the heat down just a touch.

Once the timer goes off fill a small stock pot with water, place it on the stove on high heat (the sauce will still be cooking at this time). While the water comes to a boil read the directions for cooking the pasta. Add the pasta to the boiling water and set the timer for the designated amount of time. When the pasta is done the sauce is done too.

Voila, ready to be served. This is one of my standby meals for my family. I always have the ingredients on hand. It is delicious the following day as leftovers.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

All Things PT

Does strength training help you lose weight?

That was the question in the latest article I read...the article came from The University of California, Berkeley's Wellness Letter. 

Now, maybe the author had a poor writing style, but I found many errors in the article. First and foremost even though the article was on strength training it didn't even touch on nutrition. It mentioned cardio, but not a thing about the foods we eat. Which, if you haven't read one of my blogs before counts for 80% of our bodies makeup. 

Second, for a person to lose weight 45 minutes of cardio four days a week could work, but more realistically I would recommend 3 days a week of intense cardio for 30 minutes. That means walking at a pace for the entire 30 minutes that challenges you to the point that you cannot keep a normal conversation going. Better yet, take one of my cycle classes and you won't have to think about a thing for an hour. (It burns roughly 560 calories an hour for a 125lb woman.) Add in, with that intense cardio, strength training for 45 minutes three times a week and you have a recipe for weight loss.

Let's get back to the article, it mentions you would have to train long and hard to "add a significant amount of muscle." That's the third error and it is False! Again, it's about intensity. Who wants to spend 2 hours a week in the gym pumping iron? Ok, I would, but I don't. I get in and out in an hour. This is where a Personal Trainer might come in. They could keep you moving, push you to lift a bit heavier then you might have, and make certain your form is spot on because you are moving faster and lifting heavier.

On a positive note, the article mentioned the benefits of strength training and there are many. A few that were mentioned, and a few more that weren't. For instance, improved self esteem, better posture, and a better sense of balance (which is important in older clients).

It kills me to read misleading articles. It's difficult enough to try and do the right thing (lifting weights, doing cardio, and eating right) but when the right thing isn't right...then everything is a mess. Don't believe everything you read, do your homework and back up that reading with a bit of research. This blog is a good start.

Remember, live healthy and Own it!

Friday, October 4, 2013

All Things PT

Photo Shoot

I want to share with you a few sneak peaks of my first ever photo shoot. The pictures I am having taken are for my marketing material, my Facebook page, and my website. 

I was very anxious about the whole thing. I do not like having pictures taken of myself. But, all in all I think it went very well. The photographer, Kathryn Rau, did a marvelous job of making me feel very comfortable. She was also very professional and thorough (she had more energy then me; I was done after about the first 500 shots). 

In preparation for the shoot I dialed in my eating and increased my workouts. I keep getting asked if I will continue to eat clean, and my answer, "of course, that's what healthy living is." I enjoy all aspects of a clean lifestyle. Is it hard work? Hell yeah! But worth all the effort.

Stay tuned for more shots to come. I am so excited to finally get my website launched and start on my life's path.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


LA County Fair, Pomona

It's coming to an end. Have you gone? A family tradition that is celebrating it's 91st year. It opened October 17, 1922 in a beet field in Pomona, CA. In 1922 highlights of the Fair were chariot racing and airplane wing walking exhibition, to name a few. Today, many people can't go to the Fair without it being synonymous with over eating or gorging.

Highlights today, 2013, are pigging out. Don't get me wrong, there is so much more to do and see at the Fair. Why do we have to associate a fun day with family and friends as a reason to overindulge in some of the highest calorie/fat foods on EARTH?

Let's break down a day at the Fair, Live Healthy style. That does not mean missing out on some seriously insane foods. It means put it into prospective, the Fair has been around for 91 years, it's coming back next year, so you don't have to eat at EVERY stand you pass.

We arrived at the Fair when it opened, 10:00AM. Hubby and I had 3 kids in tow and wanted to get the lay of the land first, so we headed over to information, grabbed a map and started walking.  We walked from one side of the Fair to the other and then back again. We saw everything first and then decided where we wanted to spend our time, money, and calories.

Now, as mentioned we had 3 kids with us so this changed how hubby and I might have gone to the Fair, but we first offered everyone one treat from all the goodies they saw, ONE! We also looked for healthy stops for lunch, there were so many; Tri tip sandwiches, baked corn, baked potatoes, turkey legs...the list goes on. With the goodie taken care of and let me tell you my kids are definitely my kids (one got corn as a treat, the other a soft serve cone, and the last cotton candy) we were ready to play.

  1. 1.
    allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of.
    "we indulged in some hot fudge sundaes"
    synonyms:wallow in, give oneself up to, give way to, yield to, abandon oneself to, give free rein to; 

Joe enjoying his corn on the cob

By this time it was well past noon. We decided to see some of the entries for the Fair; we saw table settings and tons of baked goods entered, also mini Christmas trees decorated and canned 'everything you can imagine' and of course quilts. It was fun for everyone to see the work people have put into their entries into the Fair. We headed over to the games and rides and easily spent another 2 hours there. We were starting to tire just as we headed over to the animals. Had to see the animals! One day our kids may never see a cow in person or a pig. The pig was a BIG (no pun intended) success.

Let me tell you by the time lunch rolled around the whole family was exhausted. We left the Fair at 3:00 PM, that's 5 hours of walking time. At roughly 25 min/miles. That's roughly 900 calories AND 12 miles we covered. That's HUGE, now understand we were stopping and starting and we did stand a bit but I figured that into my 25 minute mile. Did I need to workout that day? No! Use the walking calculator to see how many calories you can burn! Walking Calorie Burn Calculator

  1. The day was fabulous, we didn't gorge ourselves but indulged in some family fun and good eats.

    Join us next year!

    1. 1.
      eat a large amount greedily; fill oneself with food.
      "the river comes alive during March when fish gorge on caddisworms"