Figuring out this blogging stuff

I am NOT good at blogging. I'm a fabulous mother (my kids say so), a dedicated personal trainer, and a very hard worker. But, this blogging is not easy. I have to think of it as a journal to document my lifestyle and goals and insights and web finds, on and on.

For instance, I just read a blurb in Oprah regarding a book, The Amelia Freer Diet. I liked the sound of the book based on the title, Eat. Nourish. Glow. I actually just liked the word, 'nourish'. We all need to nourish ourselves, take care of our bodies. Nourish is a positive word in our otherwise negative self-talk world. So, a few computer clicks, web searches, and wham bam I pre-ordered it. Can't wait.

I digress, this is what I mean, I want to put it all down here and I do ONCE then 6 months go by and I find the urge again to blog-not a great track record. Talk about inconsistent and dis-organized (organization is the key to most of life's ease). Then I figured I needed a catch to make me blog daily. I found it...drum roll please...I have a photo opportunity coming up early December and I want to be body ready. It can be a struggle at times and I want to be accountable to someone, that's you!

Let's put on our big girl panties (let's hope they don't fit at the end of the 12 weeks) and start this party! I'll see you tomorrow.


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