My Top Ten to Live Healthy

It's been awhile since my last blog, and not to give an excuse, but I was just burnt out. Too much, too fast was happening and before I knew it I couldn't catch up. So, today's blog is light and FUN!

Here are my TOP ten to Live Healthy. These are not in any order. I don't love number 1 more than number 10, it's just what came to mind as I went along.

10. SQUATS - These are by far and wide the BEST exercise for the lower half of your body. Russia has the right idea. Check out the link below.

30 Squats for a free Subway ride

9. Veggies - All and any. Please eat your veggies in EVERY meal. It's makes your body happy and your Mom happy too.

8. Water - The Mayo clinic recommends 9-13 cups of water a day, or 72-104 ounces of water.

Functions of Water on the Body

7. Sleep - Is an exercise of control. Haha. You need plenty of sleep to make sure that muscles recover from all the hard work you put them through. Your brain also needs that down time to recharge.

6. Intense Cardio - 30 minutes a day…THAT'S IT! Do you hear me, I'm not saying, "hours on a bloody machine", I said, "30 minutes of Intense Cardio." That could be intervals on a ___________ (you fill in the machine you love). That could also mean a short run at an intensity where talking is difficult. Or, an energetic class taught by a rockin' instructor. But, notice I said, "INTENSE"!

 5. Training Heart Rate Zone - This is important when exercising so that you make sure you are working out efficiently. Get the most out of your time exercising as possible. The ideal zone to be training in is the orange areas listed below. You don't want to stay in one area but interval into all three throughout your workout.

4. Green Tea - There are many benefits to green tea my favorite being Catechins, love those antioxidants.

3. Cottage Cheese Pancakes - Just try them! Here's the recipe!

2. Kids - If you haven't noticed, kids are untapped energy. My kids can run circles around me. I always think I have good endurance until I try and keep up with them. If you don't have any of your own, or yours are grown up,  grab someone else's. You'll get a killer workout and make a friend for life (both the kids and the parents).

1. Humor - Life isn't as hard as we make it. Sometimes it sucks and other times it's beautiful. Find something that makes you laugh. (Mine is bloopers of The Big Bang theory.) Laugh till you pee your pants…okay, almost. Find humor in your day, don't be too serious and remember to share it with someone you love.


  1. Thank you! And btw, you are a Rockin' instructor, who does know how to keep her class laughing and smiling :D


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