Practice what I preach

I have been struggling with my lifestyle lately. I am on social media and feel like I put myself out there a certain way and really all I want to do it post a picture or say something that's on my mind and then forget about it. I don't want a million views/likes...I don't get them anyway. But I wait to see what I do get and it's freakin' frustrating and counter productive to what I'm trying to create for myself. I also find myself censoring what I put out there so people don't take it wrong. I'm done!

I hope for the next few weeks I can just start to journal what I'm feeling here and hopefully it'll ease my mind. I have 2 topics tonight, 1) Diet coke-friend or fiend? 2) Commercial made popsicles.

Let's start with Diet Coke. I have been a fan of the cool, bubbly, intoxicating beverage for years and just recently it has become an addiction. Now, I already know I have an addictive personality so when something gets out of hand I have to prove to myself I can cut it cold turkey. I DID! It's been a month to the day. Not a drop has passed my lips. The pros of this? My skin is awesome, I am not ingesting huge amounts of chemicals (did I say my skin was better?), and I'm not spending tons of money on something that I could have for free...water. The cons?! Oh boy, where do I start? I miss it...A LOT. I love cracking the can open in the garage before I've even stepped back into the house and taking that first drink that kinda burns on the way down because I'm impatient to get in as much as possible as fast as possible. What could one little drink hurt? Well, as the title of my post says, Practice what I preach, it's hard to train clients and talk about a healthy lifestyle and be drinking 3 cans of soda a day. So, for now I am off the 'juice'. More later.

Now, popsicles. I fed Nathan (age 4.5) a popsicle that on the box said slow melting...WTF?!?!? Popsicles are suppose to leak down your hand making a sticky sweet mess. Seriously, there was not a drip to be seen. Then I started to think, why? That got me to reading the ingredients on the label and Oh Meee Gosh (as Nate would say) over 10 ingredients.

I started my own search for a simple recipe for popsicles that the kids and I could enjoy. The recipe follows. It's from, my go to foodie site, and I'll let you know the results once my popsicle molds arrive. Until then, eat healthy and I'm throwing some popsicles away (and good money-BTW, a pet peeve of mine, wasting resources).


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